Our webinar series offers an insight into some of the key topics facing our teams in primary care today.

Upcoming Webinars

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Thursday 21st March – IGPM Finance for Practice Managers with Medics Money –

We will be looking at the GMS statement breakdown, along with tips and aspects of the business to concentrate on when looking at how to make the 2% increase in funding work as a business. – Sign up here.

Wednesday 17th April – A-Z of Employment Law for Practice Managers with Capsticks – Sign up coming soon

Previous webinar recordings:

IGPM Recognition, Representation & Membership – Recording from 3rd March 2021

Our first webinar where we shared our goals, aspirations and the first time we opened for membership.

The one before we went viral! – Recording from 20th May 2021

The Directors provided an update on the IGPM and we unveiled our campaign #IfIDieItWillBeYourFault for the very first time.

IGPM Summer Series Session One – Recording from 10th August 2021

Richard House from the Action Potential Group also delivers a short session on PM wellness.

IGPM Summer Series Session Two– Recording from 17th August 2021

The National Association of Link Workers’ CEO Christiana Melam joined our Directors to explore how practice managers and social prescribing link workers can work together to increase capacity and improve health outcomes for their patients in COVID-19 recovery.

IGPM Summer Series Session Three – Recording from 24th August 2021

Vicki Wells, Deputy Chief Inspector from the Care Quality Commission at that time, joined the IGPM to provide an update on the new CQC process and to take your questions.

IGPM Summer Series Session Four – Recording from 31st August 2021

Our IGPM Directors ask questions from our members, in this PCSE Question and Answer Session.

IGPM Winter Series – Recording from 24th November 2021

An introduction to the GP referral pathway to the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service and how to use it

IGPM Gender Identity Toolkit Launch – 26th April 2022

Hosted by the IGPM, Indigo Gender Services, Practice Index and Pride in Practice, the session will explore how the toolkit can help support general practice in providing inclusive and equitable care to trans and non-binary

IGPM Accreditation Launch – 21st June 2022

The launch of this long awaited scheme, how to apply and what it means for you and our profession.

IGPM Webinar – Is your practice veteran friendly? – Wednesday 29th June

There are an estimated 2.4m veterans in Great Britain and their healthcare needs can be different from those of other patients, yet a good proportion of clinicians don’t know which of their patients served in the military. This educational webinar will discuss some of the common physical and mental health challenges faced by veterans and provide an introduction to the evidence-based Veteran Friendly GP Practice Accreditation, from the Royal College of GPs. An evaluation from the University of Chester recently revealed that the free programme, which has now been used by 1,375+ GP practices, gives practice staff a better understanding of veteran’s healthcare needs and leads to improved outcomes.

IGPM Director Kay was joined by Brigadier (Retd) Robin G Simpson FRCGP- Royal College of General Practitioners Veterans Champion and a Professor of Military Primary Healthcare and Veterans Health University of Chester, and Darren, a former veteran who is a Primary Care Patient.

Shaping the future of IGPM Wales – Tuesday 28th June

A webinar hosted by Kay and Gareth, our Associate Director for Wales to shape the future of IGPM Wales and look at what we can do to support you in your roles.

IGPM Webinar – Sustainable healthcare: How to make your practice greener – Wednesday 28th September 2022

Karen Creffield, Practice Manager at Frome Medical Centre in Somerset talks to us about how her practice’s journey into sustainable healthcare started and became part of their core values and everyday business. Karen will be joined by Dr Veena Aggarwal, Chief Sustainability Officer’s Clinical Fellow at Greener NHS and GP Speciality Trainee in London, who will talk to us about the links between climate change and health, and what the NHS is doing to get to Net Zero.

IGPM Webinar – The RCGP Active Practice Charter – Wednesday 23rd November 2022

Dr Hussain Al-Zubaidi joins us to discuss the RCGP Active Practice Charter. This national scheme is a fun, easy way to make some simple but impactful changes in your workplace that will demonstrate to your patients and staff that you mean it when you say that movement is the best medicine. Find out more and sign your practice up here.

IGPM Webinar –  Looking After Your General Practice Managers – Tuesday 29th November 2022

How are you today? If you feel like you want to talk to someone impartial about your wellbeing, the team you lead or your career, our ‘Looking After You’ coaching offers are available right now. Over 8,000 colleagues across primary care have already accessed one or more of our three coaching services and we want to encourage Practice Managers to come forward and benefit from this HSJ award winning programme.

All coaching is free and confidential at a date and time that suits you. Please take some time to look after yourself as you continue to look after others. Do share this service with any primary care colleagues you feel may benefit from support.

NHS England and IGPM are hosting a webinar to speak through the offers and how to support you as Practice Managers in more details.

IGPM Webinar – Veteran Friendly Practices – Thursday 9th November 2023

IGPM Director Kay was joined by Brigadier (Retd) Robin G Simpson FRCGP- Royal College of General Practitioners Veterans Champion to talk about healthcare for veterans and the RCGP scheme.

IGPM for PCN Managers – Wednesday 10th January 2024

Kick start 2024 with joining the IGPM to see how we can support PCN managers, their professional registration, and development.

IGPM Webinar – Register with a GP Surgery service with NHS England – Wednesday 17th January 2024

Learn more about the new national Register with a GP surgery service. Join the NHS England project team for a dedicated tour of the service and its benefits.
Topics include how it works, why using it helps practices and patients and how to get started including what support is available for practice staff. There will also be opportunity to ask any questions about the service, which is now used by 1 in 3 practices in England.

IGPM Webinar – Understanding the Practice Manager’s Appraisal – 21st February 2024

Whether you’re a practice manager who is having an appraisal, or you are a clinician or partner conducting the appraisal, this webinar is for you!

To coincide with the launch of the IGPM Appraisal Toolkit, this informative session will break down the importance of the appraisal, what to focus on, and how to measure performance.

If you would like to suggest a topic you would like covered in an upcoming webinar, please do drop us a line at info@igpm.org.uk