Practice Manager’s Appraisal Toolkit

The annual appraisal is a key part of the performance management cycle for all employees. For managers working in general practice, it is pivotal in ensuring that the manager is engaged, supported, performing and continuing their own professional development.

Appraisals for managers in general practice or primary care networks are most frequently carried out by clinicians, some of whom we have heard admit that they know very little about the full scope of the management role.

The Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM), the professional body for managers working in general practice, has developed an appraisal toolkit for practice and PCN managers to support the appraisal process – ensuring that each appraisal is comprehensive, supportive and guided towards continuing development. The toolkit is also aligned to the IGPM Accreditation Framework, providing an additional tool in completion of the accreditation application for members.

The toolkit is a free resource for all IGPM Accredited and Associate Members. With membership starting at as little as £50 per year (plus VAT), members gain access not only to this vital resource, but also to the IGPM Member WhatsApp support groups (covering a variety of different topics all related to practice and PCN management), our team of regional and national representatives who provide peer support and advice, entry onto the professional register upon completion of accreditation, and the representation at local, regional and national level that the IGPM provides.

Available from 12th February, join the launch webinar to discover how to use the toolkit and why it is important on Wednesday 21st February at 12.30. Sign up here.

If you’re yet to sign up, find out more about how to become a member at

Gender Identity Toolkit for General Practice

We are proud to announce the launch of the Gender Identity Toolkit for General Practice!

The toolkit has been produced in collaboration with the Institute of General Practice Management, Indigo Gender Service, Practice Index, and Pride in Practice. It is designed to further the knowledge and support the confidence of general practice teams when providing inclusive and equitable care to trans and non-binary patients.

The Pride in Practice Patient Experience Survey 2021 revealed that trans and non-binary patients were significantly less likely than LGBTQ+ patients, as a whole, to feel that their GP was meeting their needs. The barriers that trans and non-binary patients face range from direct discrimination to supportive healthcare professionals lacking the knowledge or confidence required to provide appropriate care. Concurrently, the number of openly trans and non-binary patients seeking gender-affirming care from their GP and other healthcare professionals is increasing. The Gender Identity Toolkit is a practicable resource aimed at improving the availability of inclusive and equitable care for trans and non-binary patients at a crucial time.

The toolkit consolidates statutory requirements and best practice guidance into an easily implementable, procedural resource. The toolkit highlights a range of common themes in trans and non-binary healthcare, from determining a suitable treatment pathway to updating a patient’s name and/or gender marker.

March 2023 – Version 2

Updated version available now

More toolkits coming soon!