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1st February 2024

IGPM statement on the initial pay proposal offer for the 2024/25 GP contract

20th January 2024

The Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM) are delighted to be attending Best Practice London for the very first time on 28th and 29th February at the Excel.

The team will be available on stand F64 to discuss membership, support, and accreditation, whether you’re already a member, or you would like to find out more, there will be a warm welcome for everyone.

The following sessions are confirmed for IGPM speakers, please do come along:

28th February 2024: 10am in the Keynote/ PCN Transformation Theatre – Panel Discussion: Working with the ARRS Through Uncertainty to Improve Access – Robyn Clark, IGPM Director

28th February 2024: 1pm in the Business Services Hub – Practice Managers as Partners – Should PMs be MPs? –  Peter Maynard and Mike Neville, IGPM National Leads.

29th January 2024: 10am in the Workshop Theatre – How to find and keep the right people in your team – Kay Keane and Ceri Gardener, IGPM Director and National Lead.

If you’re already a member, you can collect a free gift from the stand and if you’re yet to sign up, find out more about how to become a member at

Register for your free ticket here

11th January 2024

Press Release                      

Recognition for all managers in Primary Care – PCN Manager Accreditation

The Institute of General Practice Management is the representative body for management professionals in primary care in the UK, providing support, recognition and a voice for everyone in a management role.

General practice is an ever-changing landscape and the breadth of roles within primary care continues to extend. In response to demand, the coveted IGPM accreditation scheme has now been adapted to Primary Care Network (PCN) Managers

Sarah Cole, PCN Representative for the IGPM, and a PCN Manager, said: “It’s wonderful the IGPM recognises the role of the PCN Manager and have tailored the accreditation process to allow us to celebrate our skills.  Going through the accreditation process was much easier than I imagined, and it enabled me to reflect on my career achievements to date and think about how I want to develop in the future.  Having achieved my accreditation means colleagues and contemporaries know I work to a high standard and always strive for excellence”.

Everyone who goes through the MIGPM process has access to support from their peers in the IGPM WhatsApp groups (including a dedicated PCN group, and an accreditation group), a closed Facebook group and both their regional representative and the PCN representative, Sarah.

What are you waiting for? Contact the IGPM office to register your interest today ( or watch our recent webinar here.

IGPM response to Long Term Workforce Plan – June 2023

IGPM response to outcome of petition re pay on non-AfC services – June 2023

IGPM response to the Delivery Plan for Recovering Access to Primary Care – May 2023

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IGPM response to proposed pay increases announced 19th July 2022

Accreditation launch

The Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM) is proud to present our accreditation framework.     Over the last year we have fine-tuned this process to be able to formally accredit members against a framework developed by Robyn Clark, IGPM Director, supported by a team of IGPM Regional Representatives, and Professor James Kingsland OBE.

Discussions surrounding the initial framework of the accreditation were had with Louise Greenwood of Wessex LMC and Michele Petrie of Taurus Healthcare.    The framework went on to be peer reviewed and finalised by Professor James Kingsland.  An initial panel of 12 applicants were assessed in May by an independent panel of experts, and we are now ready to launch the framework to the rest of our members.  

We developed this framework to provide people working in the practice management community with the opportunity to become formally accredited and obtain professional status. Applicants who meet the required standards of the assessment will be awarded Member of the Institute of General Practice Management (MIGPM) status.    The domains that we have created can also be used as a framework for career progression for managers new in post and those looking to develop their career in practice management.

Gender Identity Toolkit for General Practice

We are proud to announce the launch of the Gender Identity Toolkit for General Practice!

The toolkit has been produced in collaboration with the Institute of General Practice Management, Indigo Gender Service, Practice Index, and Pride in Practice. It is designed to further the knowledge and support the confidence of general practice teams when providing inclusive and equitable care to trans and non-binary patients.

The Pride in Practice Patient Experience Survey 2021 revealed that trans and non-binary patients were significantly less likely than LGBTQ+ patients, as a whole, to feel that their GP was meeting their needs. The barriers that trans and non-binary patients face range from direct discrimination to supportive healthcare professionals lacking the knowledge or confidence required to provide appropriate care. Concurrently, the number of openly trans and non-binary patients seeking gender-affirming care from their GP and other healthcare professionals is increasing. The Gender Identity Toolkit is a practicable resource aimed at improving the availability of inclusive and equitable care for trans and non-binary patients at a crucial time.

The toolkit consolidates statutory requirements and best practice guidance into an easily implementable, procedural resource. The toolkit highlights a range of common themes in trans and non-binary healthcare, from determining a suitable treatment pathway to updating a patient’s name and/or gender marker.

IGPM Response to NHSE General Practice Contract Arrangements in 2022

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The Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM) was formed by four working Practice Managers. We are the representative body for all managers working within general practice in the United Kingdom.

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Our accreditation scheme is now open to all managers working within general practice with over two years’ experience. 

We have relationships with all national bodies and speak on behalf of managers in general practice. 

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